Explore Our Best-in-Class Proctoring Features

We understand that one size doesn't fit all and so also offer customized proctoring solutions to match our client's particular needs. Our AI-Powered proctoring application software - Wisdom doesn't just detect exam cheating. It prevents it! Be it corporate or educational institutions; we all strive to deliver the single underlying principle - authenticity and a sober remote proctoring experience to exactify the examinee’s identity and hard-earned knowledge.

Real-Time Risks Identification & Prevention

Our AI-powered Wisdom is the optimal way to auto-proctor an online exam with the least amount of effort. That is why, we include real-time identification of risks that includes keyboard strokes, mouse clicks, shortcut keys, accompanied with risk alerts and scores. We further prevent the associated risks, as required by the firm. This fulfills the mission of auto-proctoring at its best.

Live Camera & Screen Streaming

Well, not just audit the camera and screen streaming, but our AI-powered Wisdom also utilizes the same data points to segment and categorize them for any potential fraudulent activities or theft of any materials. Guess what! Wisdom can be used not just for proctoring the exams but also to audit a sensitive activity performed remotely that requires extreme attention.

Distilled & Unique Configuration for Every Exam

Yes. An AI model works perfectly. But, only when it is ACCURATE. Our systems and engineers automate hundreds of data points to ensure accurate and unique configuration for every exam for different entities. So, when you have a specific requirement for a crucial examination in your institution, we are here to get you a distinctive configuration each time.

AI-Powered Tool

Our AI-Powered Wisdom processes thousands of events using a dataset and segments any unfair means to be flagged as a potentially fraudulent activity. Be it a foreign object like a media device, mobile phone, or even a calculator that is not allowed, Wisdom detects and flags the student and the proctor in real-time. Wisdom also detects the face, classifies, and recognizes using a mix of image detection and classification. This is the closest step to the human level of image processing.

Similar Pattern Detection Among Examinees

Every act of cheating depends on the pattern of specific behaviors. Wisdom detects patterns within data. By looking at the available data, she identifies whether there are any regularities within it. Pattern recognition is defined as the classification of data based on already-gained knowledge or statistical information collected from patterns and their representation.

LMS Integration

We understand that with the demand for an online curriculum, we all have our LMS platform. To make the entire pre-exam and post-exam experience a pleasant one, we have ready-to-go integration available. Be it an LMS platform that you host or you want one from us, Wisdom provides a one-stop solution to all.

Available options

What features do
we provide


  • Automated proctoring
  • Record-and-review proctoring
  • Live remote proctoring
  • Real-time stop/start/pause test by the proctor

  • Facial recognition
  • Object recognition
  • Eye movement tracking
  • Statistics-based alerts on risky behaviour
  • Pattern detection and comparison
  • Geofencing

  • Block and Allow
    - Applications
    - Website URLs
    - Actions (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V)
  • Total browser lockdown
  • Configurable rules (exclude certain actions from being flagged)

  • User-friendly dashboard navigation
  • Lightweight desktop application
  • Automatic user ID verification
  • Compatible with all Operating Systems

  • Screen and webcam recording
  • Screen and video live streaming
  • Audio sample analysis

  • Push notifications to start and end exams
  • Flexible and easy integration for all LMS platforms
  • Displays and alerts exam schedules
  • Configurable rules (customized flag triggers)

  • Data protection and privacy controls
  • Encrypted database
  • Data Loss Protection (DLP)
  • Action logging
  • Shadow IT (the whole capture of backend data including VM access, if any)

  • 24/7/365 live chat support for technical issues
  • Email support
  • Phone assistance
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • On-premises deployment
  • Mobile and desktop support

  • Post-exam reporting
  • Real-time or live reporting
  • Mid-exam reports sent at required intervals
  • Customized graphical representation of data
  • Data-driven insights